Call for Entry Application Form

There is a $25 entry fee



Artist Agreement

All applicants must accept the Artist’s Agreement with the Art Around the Corner Foundation, below. Under the terms of the Agreement, the artist will loan his/her sculpture to the Art Around the Corner Foundation for one year, during which time the artwork will be offered for sale or lease to public or private collectors. All sales or leases will be executed at the conclusion of the one-year exhibition period. Furthermore, the artist agrees that the Art Around the Corner Foundation will receive a 25 percent commission from any sales resulting from inclusion in the outdoor sculpture gallery, for a period of one year following the exhibition. 

Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between ART AROUND THE CORNER FOUNDATION (AAC), sponsor of ART AROUND THE CORNER and


concerning the annual outdoor exhibit in St. George, Utah, for a period of approximately one year, beginning April 4, 2020. Artist certifies that his/her artwork is original and available for purchase and is suitable for outdoor public display. Artist certifies that the works are soundly and professionally constructed of durable and sturdy materials with no breakable or easily damaged parts or pieces, are constructed in a way which will not cause safety or liability problems and will require no maintenance during the twelve-month exhibit period. Artist is responsible for securely attaching works to a durable steel base or mounting plate in order for the piece to be welded to a metal or concrete pedestal, or if over six feet in height, other arrangements should be discussed. If you need assistance with the steel base contact Metal Arts at 801-768-4442

Artist is responsible to transport or ship the piece to and from the exhibit and, if necessary, arrange for storage of the piece before or after the exhibit. AAC is responsible for securely installing all artwork and the City of St. George will maintain property insurance coverage for the actual replacement value on all works in the event of vandalism, theft or other accidental damage. Neither AAC nor The City of St. George shall be liable for any additional damages, including monetary damages, to Artist other than actual replacement value for the sculpture.

AAC reserves the right to make all installation/placement decisions and to make emergency repairs to works when necessary. AAC will make a reasonable effort to market works exhibited and will produce and distribute advertising materials. AAC will retain a 25% commission for any artwork purchased during the exhibit period or as a direct result of this exhibit. All works are committed to AAC for the duration of the exhibit (April 2020 - April 2021).