Young Creator Call for Entry

Announcing the Call for Entry for
the Young Creators’ 2020 Art Competition

Due by: March 25th, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Young Creators Program, sponsored by the Art Around the Corner Foundation. Below are guidelines for participation in the program.


  • All entries must be a physical structure. No computer-generated art is permissible.
  • Each student may submit up to two pieces (send photos only for judging).
  • Media may include (but is not limited to):
    • steel
    • found objects
    • pottery
    • wood
    • stone
    • fired clay
    • bronze
  • All pieces of art must be able to fit into a 15” x 15” x 15” box.
  • All pieces will be juried (see criteria below), and up to 12 pieces will be selected for display at the opening Gala for Art Around the Corner. The art will be available for purchase by the community.
  • To help young creators understand and experience real-world art sales, a 10% commission will be retained by AAC for any artwork purchased at the AAC Gala.
  • Entries will be anonymous to the selection committee, and awards will be based on the Judging Criteria.
  • At the discretion of the Art Around the Corner Foundation Board, the following prizes may also be awarded (NOTE: Not all prizes may be awarded each year):
    • Award of Outstanding Achievement ($500)
    • Award of Excellence ($300)
    • Award of Merit ($200)

Judging Criteria

Creativity – The use of imagination displayed in creating a new and original piece of artwork. This could include an interesting idea or technique used to create the piece.

Concept – The artwork stands on its own as a well-conceived and executed piece of art. The piece should capture and hold a viewer’s attention.

Design – Shapes, forms, mirroring images, negative spaces, planes and objects of the pieces are composed to create the whole. All objects should relate to one another, and present an overall thought-out message or feeling. The piece feels harmonious and looks correct and appealing.

Movement – A vital principle in 3D Art. No matter how extreme or minute that action may be, it must appear to be moving in a convincing manner, and also in the correct anatomical or biological places. Without proper movement, the work will appear still and lifeless.

Presentation – The manner in which the artwork is shown, expressed, or laid out for others to see. The effort put into the overall appearance of the work, including sculpture bases, patinas, etc. Anything that can add a spark to the elegance and appeal of the work adds to the presentation.

Deadline – Friday, March 25, 2020
All entries must be submitted by 5 p.m., and must include entry form and photos (no more than three photos per piece) for consideration.

Entry Form

There is a $10 entry fee.



Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between ART AROUND THE CORNER FOUNDATION (AAC), sponsor of ART AROUND THE CORNER and
Full Name (Artist)
concerning the Art Around the Corner "Young Creators Program." Artist certifies that his/her artwork is original. Artist certifies that the works are soundly and professionally constructed of durable and sturdy materials with no breakable or easily damaged parts or pieces, are constructed in a way which will not cause safety or liability problems.

Artist is responsible to transport or ship the piece to and from the gala. AAC will make a reasonable effort to market works exhibited and will produce and distribute advertising materials. To help young creators understand and experience real-world art sales, a 10% commission will be retained by AAC for any artwork purchased at the AAC Gala.

Note: Depending on your connection speed, it may take a few minutes to submit this form and send your images. Please be patient.