Ben Hammond

An Angel Anchored in the Art NouveauInquire about this piece

I went through a period where I became very enamored with Alphonse Mucha  and other artists from the Art Nouveau period. This piece was inspired by those artists’ strong shapes and elegant lines. The full title of the piece,”An Angel Anchored in the Art Nouveau,” is inscribed on the sculpture as a decorative element.

Meet the Artist

Ben Hammond

Ben is a native of Idaho. His love for art was nurtured from the time he was a small boy. He studied art at Ricks College, graduating with a degree in Illustration. He is a talented portrait artist and sculptor, and his works have found permanent homes in collections, both public and private, throughout the United States. Most recently, he has completed five large sculptures for the Healing Gardens of the Methodist Women’s Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Ben is a member of the National Sculpture Society and the California Art Club. About his art, Ben says, “Some of my deepest feelings have a hard time being articulated through words, so I create art. I hope viewers can sense what is most important to me when they see my work. I don’t try to hide any secret meanings. Each piece is deeply personal, yet universal. I try to create images that are beautiful, uplifting, and relatable.”