Dan Hill

Balancing BoysInquire about this piece

Inspired by a group of neighborhood kids frolicking on the fallen limbs of a wind blown cottonwood tree, the three balancing boys can be displayed on a natural or bronze log, large boulders, or an existing ledge or wall.  The three boys are immortalized at ages 4, 5 and 7.

Meet the Artist

Dan Hill

I came to the art game late in life, completing my first life-size sculpture of a child in 1997, discovering a niche capturing likenesses and realistic representations.  Since then I’ve created over sixty different life-size sculptures, many originating from commissions.  My creative process begins with composition research, followed by armature building and sculpting with a plastilene modeling clay.  I sculpt primarily from life and detailed photographs of my subjects.  My finished clay sculpture is molded with silicone and cast in bronze using the time-honored lost wax foundry process

Website: www.danhillsculpture.com