Gary Lee Price

 Journeys of the Imagination Girl Inquire about this piece

Girls can fly too, right?! I’ve always known that “Journeys of the Imagination” would one day have a female version, and here she is! To me, flight represents freedom and rising above our problems, and gaining that all-so-important “perspective” on life. I feel that I must take a couple of flights a year, just to get off of the earth and regain some of that vision.

Meet the Artist

Gary Lee Price

“Every once in a while I do a piece purely for the fun of it! This one is just for the kids and their vivid and soaring imaginations. I tried to fill it with myriads of symbols and fun little nuances and discoveries as they explore all the nooks and crannies from every different angle. And for all of us who wish to always remain kids at heart – may we always keep in mind what Einstein said about imagination!”
-Gary Lee Price

Regardless of the subject matter, Gary Lee Price captures its true essence in spirit with his work. This indeed has been his quest for over 35 years: “To Lift the Human Spirit Through Sculpture.”