Karen Coburn

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While I work in many mediums, bronze is my medium of choice. It is strong and enduring.  The beauty and power of watching the molten metal flow into what is my creation is like a birth. It is magical.

My sculptures are a visual expression of the rich range of emotions, moods and personal growth I have experienced throughout my life. “Reaching” is one of those pieces. For me she exemplifies inner awareness, strength, determination and a sense of rhythm with the life around her.  The use of vivid colors enhances the movement and heightens my statement.

Meet the Artist

Karen Coburn

Website: karencoburn.com

In my career I have taught art to adults and children, done commissions for corporations, the movie industry, animators, and sold my work from California to Florida. My process of creating is a joyful, passionate journey. To be able to share my creations with others enriches and validates my art and being.