Nate Johansen

Last to Launch Inquire about this piece

At one time or another, we have all plucked a full, fuzzy headed dandelion, made a wish, and blown the little parachute seeds off the stalk, watching them flying and floating on the air.  Many persistent blowers don’t stop until every last parachute is launched.  Last To Launch is a sculpture that helps us recall these simple experiences and remember the wonder of the natural world around us.

We can even draw parallels to our own lives, with the challenges and joys of parenthood, as we watch our own children “launch” into the world.

Meet the Artist

Nate Johansen

Nathan Johansen looks to nature for the forms he uses in his work.  Plants with their seeds, in all their various stages of development, are rich in symbols and patterns that repeat in all life.  His deep sensitivity to the natural world is embodied in his depictions of the cycles of plants and seeds and their relationship to mankind.

A lifelong resident of Utah, Nathan graduated with a BA in Fine Art from BYU.  Nate has worked in the Art Casting field for over 30 years, coordinating Fine Art Casting at Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, Utah.