St. George has a wonderful outdoor art exhibit called Art Around the Corner.  Maps and brochures are located on the Art Around the Corner signs in the Town Square and near Zion’s Bank.  Take your parents downtown to see the sculptures and answer the questions.  Each person has their own ideas about art so don’t be afraid to tell your parents your feelings about each piece you look at.

Printable PDF Download: Children’s Questions 2016


Silly Symphony
How many instruments do you see in this piece. Do you play an instrument? What is your favorite instrument?
Hooked III
The sculptor uses things he finds to make art. What are some of the things you see on this piece and where do you think
he found them?
How old do you think this little girl is? What is she thinking about?
What material did the artist make this piece from. Can you see the butterfly.
Enshroud V
This artists likes shapes and angles. What different shapes can you see in this sculpture?
Country Girl
Do you think the horse and the little girl in this piece are friends? What do you think the horses name is?
Lilies to Monet
This artist has used negative space in this piece. What do you think the negative spaces represent?
Who are the people in this piece. What clues does the artist give you that they are family?
Dinosaur Opera
What is an opera? Why do you think the artist named this piece “Dinosaur Opera”? What kind of noises do you think this
little boy is making?
Germination III
This sculpture teaches us something about nature. What do you think is happening? What does the green part
represent? What does the gold part represent?
What is this mother comforting her child? How do you think the child is feeling?
How fast do you think this car is going? How did the artist show movement in this piece?
Recycled Monarch
Have you ever seem a real bison? How does this sculpture compare?
George Washington
Who is George Washington? Why do you think the artist placed Washington on one side of the bench, leaving an empty
space beside him.
Tilled Field
The title of this piece is “Tilled Field”. Do you know what that means? Why do you think the artist would name this piece
“Tilled Field”?
Harvest Time
Do you think this little girl is working or playing? Why do you think that?
All Her Chicks
What is the women in this piece doing? How many chickens can you count? Why do you think the artist named this
piece, “All Her Chicks”?
Shadows and Grays
This artists loves to put scraps together to make a beautiful sculpture. Do you recognize pieces of material that belongs to
something else?
Love of three chickens
The little girl is this piece loves something unusual. What is it? Have you ever loved an animal?

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